What can I do to bring about my healing and recovery?

There are excellent tools in the
workbook and on this website.  There is a online support group in the form of blog pages.  There are articles that will be posted from time to time related to issues of separation and divorce. The workbook contains specific hands on exercises to help you work through healing after your separation and divorce. The articles are general topic complements to the workbook exercises. Browse around the website and discover how it can help you today. You can find books, support groups, and many forms of resources to aid you in regaining your energy and taking charge of your life.

How much time does it take?

Of course, healing after divorce takes time. Stitches are taken out after one week but the cut still hasn't finishing healing.  A broken leg or arm is in a cast six weeks but the bone is not fully mended until it takes stress.  So a broken heart requires time to heal. It will not happen over night. The amount of time depends on you. How deeply were you hurt? Were you totally surprised? How much self-confidence do you normally have? How much effort and time do you want to take to work on healing? These and many more factors affect the amount of time it will take to heal.
Get a copy of the book and take the first step to healing and recovery.  You are worth it!
  The purpose of this web page is to tell you, 'You Are Not Alone.'  Many others have gone through divorce and have healed from the emotional pain.
   They have gotten back up. They have dusted them-selves off. They have healed their broken heart and have not been afraid to live and love again. 
              You can too!
  It just takes time and some effort on your part. It is tough but you CAN do it.
  Buy and use the book to begin feeling in control again!

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Take the first step to healing and recovery today!
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